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Friday, April 16, 2010

not yet.

Seems like everyone is buying a house but us.
I am going this afternoon to see one other house and if we don't just love this one, we will probably put on offer on one that we saw a while back. It is still available and we like it - it is in a good school district too which is something we just started considering recently (no, I'm not pregnant - just aware of the decision!).
So, I am off work the rest of the day and other than that on my calendar, I am also taking our computer to the Geek Squad to see if they can help it. My Dell is just on it's last leg I am afraid and we need it to hold on until the fall. We can't really afford to buy a new computer (on top of buying a house!) at the moment so we are going to save for one and hopefully be able to buy one in the fall when they are tax-free for kids going back to school. Neither of the ones we have (mine or Megan's hand-me-down) really works effectively. They freeze up, won't let you use the internet, lose things, and just run slowly in general. We pay all this $ every month to have great internet and now the computer itself is what is slowing us down. Of course, I also dream of saving to get the newest version of Photoshop when we get a computer so I can actually use it effectively. I have an old, old version of Elements which isn't even the full Photoshop anyway so I am struggling to find instructions for it. Oh well...there is my dream for the day. Maybe the Geek Squad can keep us up for a while at least...


BParrish said...

Save a few months longer and get a Mac. Trust me.