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Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm sorry - I couldn't help it! I just had to do another post of these pictures! I am trying so hard to decide which are my favorites to get big ones printed for the house. It is a really hard decision! Hopefully I will get my camera plugged up and I will show you the inside pictures of the house.
For now, I am headed to the office to man my shift answering the phone and then I will come home and clean, take a nap, and go to the mall tonight!


Danielle said...

ok. first one and last one i freaking love. really realllly love.

Danielle said...

ps our houses are becoming lindentree photography museums!!! haha

PSIrwin said...

and you know what? that is totally ok with me! i would rather have beautiful photography and paintings by people i love (hi mom!) than anything else on my walls!