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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

cool story.

These are pictures of the front and back of our potential house. The home inspector took these but I did take some inside pictures so I will post those in the next few days (OK, this weekend maybe - when I have a chance to breathe!!)
My cool story for today and for our house:
I was at the house this afternoon - just a small part of my day's craziness - and I was walking around, looking out windows, taking pictures and noticed that the neighbor across the street was outside with her two small children. They were playing in the front yard, sidewalk chalking the place so I went over to introduce myself. I told her that we had a contract and we talked for a few minutes. Then she said..."well, I am so glad that you came and introduced yourself. I am thrilled that a young couple is moving in who will care about the house (not rent it out!), who are kind and fun and I just want you to know that the whole street has been praying over your house."
She said that they had just been praying for the potential owners - that they would be good people, young, kind, fun - just like us! Apparently the house on the other corner (their backyard faces our side yard) is owned by some missionaries from South Africa and they had talked a lot and been praying for our house too.
We get to move into a house that has not only been covered by our fervent prayers but by the prayers of all of our neighbors.
God is so cool.
And He totally knew what he was doing.


Danielle said...

oh my. what a fabulous amazing story. and how exciting! and what a great looking house. looks kinda like the YHL house! i know you are going to make that thing amazing! :) yayaaaa