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Friday, April 16, 2010


Not me. The computer.
It is very sick.
Not one but two viruses.
They ran a scan and cleaned up the computer but found two.
And offered to fix it for $200.
No thanks.
They actually told me not to fix it if I am going to buy a computer in a few months. They said I should just save my $200 and put it towards a new computer.
But I shouldn't do any banking or online shopping where I am giving someone my bank info or personal info.
Yikes. Because we bank on that computer.
Oh well. I guess we just need to be careful until we get a new computer with better security.
I'm currently using the other computer at the moment.
And no, I'm not contagious.


Danielle said...

your mac is sick? or a different one.

PSIrwin said...

a different one. the mac was the hand-me-down and when she got her new one, they wiped this one clean. like no programs, nada. I can use it for internet and that's about it. my old computer is the one that is a little ill.