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Friday, April 2, 2010

i'll answer that.

I can answer that question for myself...yes, Paula, you are absolutely allowed to be miffed. Irate. Upset. Frustrated. and Sad.
But you can choose not to be.

Thanks Self, for the pick-me-up.

It isn't Chad's fault and when I talked to him on the phone I was already mad and took it out on him. So then he got mad.
And then we were both just mad.
About something we couldn't control.
And that is the worst part.
He has to go - he doesn't get a choice.
I can choose to go look at some houses - narrow it down a bit - and the super cool, understanding, flexible real estate agents said that they can go back to the two I liked tomorrow afternoon if the poor guy catches a break.
I found one that I really, really liked. It is short a half a bathroom (it has 1 and a half and we really wanted two so guests could have their own!) but the rest of it is awesome!
My sweet Chad is already pretty deep in overtime for the week so maybe they will send him home soon.
Will you join me in praying for rain?
And for my attitude if it doesn't come and he can't spend time with family for Easter?