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Saturday, April 3, 2010

trying to plan.

It is pretty much impossible to plan things during fire season. We had another appt. with the real estate agent this morning to try and get Chad into the two houses I liked from yesterday. He got a call before we ever got to the first one but he was brave enough to tell them that if he could hold off for a while, we really needed to try to get in this house. Finally! He got to see the one that I really liked from yesterday and of course, the voice of reason Chad, noticed a bunch of stuff I wouldn't have ever noticed and asked a lot of questions that I hadn't even thought about.
He is back at work now and I am cleaning up the kitchen, doing some laundry, and planning dinner. We had a sprinkling of rain this morning but not enough to really help the situation so keep up those prayers! I want to grill some brats tonight for dinner and I am completely willing to do it in the pouring down rain if that is what we can have!
I don't think Chad will be able to go to Atlanta tomorrow for our big family Easter get-together at my sister's house. We are hoping for a big more rain but if that doesn't happen, he will just have to stay here and I will go down with his parents in the morning. It is a little sad that I won't get to spend Easter with him, celebrating, since I did just miss his birthday but he won't let me not go and spend time with my family too.


Danielle said...

ill be doing a lil rain dance for you guys! ...and eating brats for dinner! ry is grillin brats for the fam tonight! crazy! :) hope you enjoy yours!

Anonymous said...

I love it when you're bored and you blog a lot.