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Monday, April 26, 2010

another dime!

I can't really follow up cute baby pics and sweet couple pics with much of anything exciting...sorry!
We had a nice day off yesterday - the weather was beautiful here - but it seems like it will be the calm between the storms. Crazy bad weather on Saturday and we will probably have more rain today but it's OK because we need it. It makes everything so green too!
We had our first community/small group last night. I am pretty excited about it - it seems like the study we will be doing is something that is close to my heart (based on a series by the International Justice Mission about oppression, slavery, forced prostitution, etc. It should be really interesting). I'm a lot more excited about it than Chad is simply because of the topic of discussion but maybe he will get a really cool glimpse into the heart of God about this (and even to my heart and experiences in India) so I am just praying that God does a work in us on this issue even if the work isn't the same (it never is, is it?)
Long week at work - our big overnight in the mall event is this Friday night from 10pm to 5am so we are preparing for that all week. It should be loads of fun but also loads of work! Wish us luck and good sleep between now and then!


FFluker said...

the topic for study in small group sounds 'right up your alley'... I can't imagine studying, reading, hearing/knowing about the human rights issue?trafficking and not being indignantly up in arms, ready to whoop ***!