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Friday, April 2, 2010

sweet pictures.

As I told you before, I got to take some pictures of my sweet friend Beth while she is still pregnant and it was such an honor to do it! This is just a small sample of the pictures I took that day of her and her fun (and funny!) husband....
I haven't really edited any of these yet. I am sitting at the computer doing it now but I wanted to get them up so you could enjoy them while I excuse any crazy coloring/brightness issues. I am resolving those as we speak.
Instead, enjoy the pictures of this super cute best friend of mine and her sweet, little (but growing!) family!

In the baby's room...she picked great colors and it already looks so sweet and comfy!
I can't wait till there is a sweet little boy in that crib though!
I just realized that these pictures are in a crazy order, sorry! - thanks Blogger!
This one took some practice but it is one of my favorites..they are so sweet together!

Love it. Love that you can see their rings - a sweet promise to always be a family to the one that is still inside.

These are in a really nice little park...she is such a cute pregnant person!

Doesn't she just look happy? I am so thrilled for her and K.
They will be the best parents!


Danielle said...

those are great! i love the second from last one for some reason. :) how preccciousss!