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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

worse nurse.

I still feel like an even worse nurse when I leave him all day to go to work...he is really doing good now. He can do pretty much everything for himself and is much more mobile so maybe I just feel bad that I can't stay home and hang out with him all week like I really want to. It might be worth taking vacation time for but I am also thinking about saving all of it so when we buy a house I can take a few days off to move-in and start getting things like we want them.
It is pouring rain at the moment but thankfully not cold enough to freeze quite yet because I have no choice but to drive myself to work! Gwendolen would not get out of bed and leave Chad long enough to go walk this morning so he has to walk her when he gets up. Wooby on the other hand was up plenty early this morning and has had a lot to talk how she sprinkled dried cat nip all over the living room rug and then wallowed in it with great pleasure the other night while we were watching the Super Bowl. She is mad at me for vacuuming it up yesterday morning and is still yelling at me for it...
Not too much to report. Chad and I are trying to decide what we are going to do for V-Day this weekend. Something low key that doesn't require a lot of physical activity (which is quite opposite from most of our activity plans!). Yoga class tonight then NCIS...I love Tuesdays!


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