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Friday, February 26, 2010


I have had the most productive morning!
Been up for 45 minutes and I have emailed the realtor, repaired a pair of blue jeans that I totally ripped at work (ah...the joy of working with glass and frames all day), got dressed, emailed my mother, checked my blogs, retrieved something from the dog's mouth that the cat knocked off the counter for her (contact lens case...anyone want to claim? I don't wear them!).

Thank you dearly for all the sweet thoughts with the job hunt. I am pretty sure my mom recruited prayer warriors all over the nation - I got forwarded emails from friends and sweet snail mail notes from family. I honestly felt like I might throw up on the way there (come on...nerves!) but once I got there I really felt a lot of peace about it. It helped that my interviewer was funny, happy, enjoys her job thoroughly, and asked me questions I was prepared for! I have done everything I can do to get the process underway and hopefully end up with an offical job offer! I dropped off my filled out application at the office before they even opened yesterday, filled out that crazy personality test, signed off to have a background test run and now I just have to....wait. The hardest part.

Gotta go to the doctor this morning...I literally have no memory of making this appointment so I am glad they do those automated reminder calls. I did see it in my calendar after the phone call so I guess it is a good thing I am supposed to close tonight. I assume it is a check up for my increased migraine meds so that is what I am going for! But honestly...I have no idea why I am going!


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