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Friday, February 19, 2010

great news.

Well, it is only great news for me. You probably won't be nearly as excited about it as I am...
I am off work today (you already knew that part...) but Chad told me last night that he was going to be off work today too! He worked too many hours in the Tuesday, Weds, and Thurs that he was there and has to take off today so he won't get overtime (the state does NOT like overtime!). So, we get to hang out today!! Admittedly, I had a long list of stuff that I needed to get done and I won't get nearly all of it done that I have to share the time with someone else but it is totally and completely worth it to be able to spend the day with him today!
So, we are going to the bank to get preapproved for a mortgage...awesome fun. It will make the house buying process faster and easier if we ever find one that we want.
We will take the dogs to the farm and let them run a while since it is time for baths anyway they can get as dirty as they want.
Then we are going to DSW/TJMaxx to look for some shoes...I really want some brown riding style boots to wear with skirts and stuff but has a pretty low heel so I can wear them all day and not be dying of foot pain.
That is my report for the day. I have to go take a shower because we had a fire in our fire pit last night and now I smell like I have been camping.


Sis said...

Dogs, plural?