The Adventures of Stinky Sweet:

Sometimes stinky. Sometimes sweet. But it's our life - and it is always good.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

not sweet. and sweet.

A few things I would like to report:
1. I have no beautiful flowers left. Not of their own fault, I assure tulips were just starting to open up and become even more beautiful.
And then Wooby ate them.
She tears each one to shreds (with her teeth??) and then I find no petals left over so she must eat them.
I sure hope they aren't harmful to cats though at this point, I kinda feel like she would get what was coming to her!
So, thank you Chad for my wonderful valentine's beauty - and I am sorry my cat is a nutjob.

2. I have a job interview next week. I probably should not say this on my blog because I truly have no idea if people from work read it at all or on a regular basis so if you work with me at HL, please. kindly keep your mouth shut (this may turn out to be nothing!!). I actually applied for this job back in the fall sometime just because I could, the job was open, and it was an organization I think I would really like to work with/for. I never heard anything. Not an email, not a phone call, nothing. I followed up like you are supposed to do, left a few messages, but didn't hear anything. Then yesterday, I got a voicemail while I was at work that said the job is open here in Chattanooga (I got the impression I was applying for the same job in North GA originally...) and that the person who hires was not given all the resumes/applications the first time around. She wanted to know if I was still interested and if I could meet with her next week (she works out of Knoxville). I told her I was so I have an interview next Wednesday morning...please say a prayer for us/me about this. It is with a non-profit so I don't expect a big pay increase but anything more than what I am making would help us out with a house payment. I also would like to feel like I have fulfilled my purpose at HL and that it is truly God's plan for me to move on to something in earnest, I really just want to have peace about making the decision and making the move if I get an offer.
Now I have a week to get nervous and try to decide what I am going to's been a while since I needed to pick out interview clothes!

I close at the HL tonight so I am going to spend the rest of my morning cleaning up in our bedroom, putting away clothes, and picking up in the closet. I am going to spend some time just sitting in the closet, enjoying the fact that I can even walk in the door because I am sure we are about to downsize! I've been spoiled rotten by a closet!!