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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm a bad nurse.

I am leaving him again for another day at HL. I feel like I should stay, if nothing else but to entertain him all day while he sits bored on the couch. He stayed in bed when I got up this morning so I am assuming he didn't sleep as well as he did the night before. I can tell he is much more uncomfortable than he was - the post-surgery swelling has set in and the pain is worse. But manageable. He actually hasn't taken the super-good-make-you-say-funny-stuff-and-possibly-see-purple-bunnies-in-the-living-room meds that the doctor prescribed but seems to be managing the pain with Tylenol pretty well so I guess that is a good sign that it hasn't gotten out of control yet.
I do however open at HL today so I will get home to him quicker than yesterday, able to make a better dinner (although he was the one that requested hotdogs and tater tots and who am I to argue so I made hotdogs!) than last night.
Not too much to report other than him. He consumes much of my constant prayers for quick healing, patience, and as little pain as possible. Join me, will you?


BParrish said...

You got it.

Anne said...

Don't feel bad. Hopefully the 3 CNAs on duty, Gwen, Wubby and Little Man, will be able to keep Chad entertained while you are away. Thinking of the two of you often.