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Sunday, February 28, 2010

i am.

It is 6:01am and I am blogging.
Yep...I have been laying in bed for about an hour, listening to my sweet husband sleeping (ok, truth here...snoring like a freight train). I wake up and then I can't go back to sleep - my brain turns on and I can't make it turn off again. I was laying there thinking about job possibilities, having to buy a business suit (part of the job description!), house buying possibilities (and maybe picturing how my art will look on teal walls...the dining room has teal walls and I think I might faint with excitement when I see them!), thinking about all the things I could be doing if I just went ahead and got up.
So what am I?
I am my mother's daughter.
Good morning mom! I know you will be the first person to read this because you will be the first person up!
I am going to sew some - if the machine isn't too loud from down here.

I have a plan...did I tell you about the plan? I need a new camera bag. I am started to (joyfully!) collect more accessories/lenses than will fit in my existing bag. My little bag is just big enough to hold my camera and one extra lens so it is perfect to go on short hikes and tool around but I need something that will get me where I am going, look cute, and hold all my camera stuff. I decided I was going to just make one...a simple messenger style bag with removeable velcro dividers to separate lenses/camera/etc.
Then I saw this bag and fell in love.
Then I saw the price tag and realized that is never, ever gonna happen!
So I started working on a plan...I went to TJMaxx the other morning after my Dr's appointment and searched through all their purses, looking for a cute color and one that was big enough/deep enough/wide enough. One Lix Claiborne bag fit the profile and it is this awesome coral/pink color...I paid $30 for it. Then I went to HobLob (I mean, really, I was going there anyway but I made a detour on the way to the framing dept.) and talked to Ms. C in the fabric department. We just got some new fabric in that is super, de-duper cool. It is canvas - strong, heavy duty, and durable - but now comes printed in about 40 really adorable patterns. While we used to only carry solid colors - and about 6 of them at that - now we have a whole wall of awesome patterns.
Sorry, this is not a HobLob commercial but I just get excited about cute fabric!
I think it would make cute curtains too because it is heavy enough to drape and thick enough to block out some of that early morning light too! Anyway...side tracked. It is early, you know!
I bought some of this said fabric - some in a stripe and some in a matching paisley style.
And I am going to just make a simple drop-in system to hold my camera and lenses. It will still have removeable dividers and I even got some extra thick batting to put in those to pad everything from bumping together. I think it is gonna be super cute!
I will lay everything out and take a picture so you guys can see it...I'll post it later!


Sis said...

But what about my bag that you were going to make for me a year ago? Huh?