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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a mile.

My To-Do list is a mile long.
I am off work today and I stayed in bed embarrasingly late. But all the animals joined me and I couldn't bear to wake them from their cutest slumber and begin the chaos so I let them (and me!) sleep for a little while longer! I am currently watching a Gwendolen/Wooby War on the living room carpet so I am glad I got just a few more minutes of blessed shut eye this morning.
Now on to today's tasks:
-laundry (piles and piles...huge piles)
-clean up in the closet (we did some rearranging and it always gets worse before it gets better...right?)
-do some research for mortgages (just information)
-get invites for Beth's baby shower printed and address so I can just shoot them in the mail when the time comes (when am I supposed to mail those anyway? how many weeks is "proper"?!?)
-unload dishwasher and refill
-clean off kitchen counters
-clean bathrooms
-get eyebrows waxed (awesome...) I might add a haircut to this but I thought I was going to grow it out. But it is at that weird length where it hits my shoulders and flips weird and doesn't do what I want it to...and if she fixes it, it will still look good in the morning when I go to my interview...speaking of that...
-pick the perfect outfit (this alone might take all day)

I better get started.