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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I had a very successful day yesterday...getting pretty much everything on my to-do list accomplished with the exception of cleaning the bathrooms. I just plain ran out of time...and decided that spending time with my sweet hubby last night was more important and bathrooms can wait!
I got a haircut (much shorter than I think I was anticipating...I think there was some hair miscommunication. I told her I wanted to go short one more time before I grow it back out and I pointed to where I wanted it to fall and she took it up another 2 inches. Oh grows.)
I got tons of laundry done, changed sheets and towels, ran errands, went to the bank, and did tons of other things that weren't even on my list.
I even gave Chad a fashion show last night (no...not like that...) to get his opinion on what I should wear to my interview this morning. He picked an outfit and I think I will wear that one simply because he picked it. Maybe that means it will be good luck...
I got up this morning and made homemade chocolate cupcakes (P-Dub's recipe) but I am going to put store-bought icing on them. I am making them for a girl at work who's birthday is this weekend and I asked her what her very favorite icing in all the world is...she said....the white kind with sprinkles mixed in. So that is what she will get!
Gotta go fix my hair, get looking cute and go to my interview...wish me luck/say a prayer. I will let you know how it goes. I am finally getting nervous...I can feel it in my "I don't feel so good" stomach. I know I am prepared and plenty qualified for the job so I just hope that comes through instead of nerves!


LaGrange Montessori said...

I think you'll do great in your interview if only because you are making birthday cupcakes for a friend at the Hobster...good luck!

jlindsey said...

That 1st comment was from me - I was signed in under my new blog venture for our school! I still think you'll do great!

BParrish said...

I've been praying about this interview for a few days. Hoping it is just the thing you've been looking for and that they see what a qualified candidate you are! Let us know how it goes.