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Thursday, April 21, 2011

it is coming.

A post of beautiful N.C. pictures is coming, I promise. I got them all off my camera this morning (when I skipped the gym in favor of sleeping in - though I will have to go this afternoon). But I don't have time to go through them and figure out what is what and which ones are worth waiting through the painfully long upload time. Hopefully it will go quickly and you will get to see a bunch of them.

Busy day today...I MUST finish the script/speech/thing I have been working on. It is due tomorrow and I have another one to write before then. One that is longer. Lunch with a friend/volunteer, pick up Jessica's graduation/birthday present (shh...don't tell), make cupcakes tonight. Tomorrow is our Girl Scout Volunteer/Customer Appreciatin day at the store. Want a cupcake? Become our customer or volunteer and you can have as many as you want! :)

Good small group last night. We are all a little unsure of this video series we started last week - partly because of the rather strange presentation and partly because there are many parts of the topic that a majority of us seem to disagree with. However, it creates some really great discussions - last night was no exception - so if nothing else, we are definately getting something positive out of it. It is fun to be in a group with other couples who all have different personalities, been married different lengths of time and with different life experiences. I think it helps to create a really good melting pot of thoughts, ideas, theories, and just shows how our relationships with a Heavenly Father can all be so different and good at the same time.

Pictures tonight while the cupcakes cook and cool.


Emily Geyer said...

yay!!! love our small group too :) so glad we're together!