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Saturday, April 9, 2011

i lurve saturdays.

It is going to be a good Saturday. I am working in the house with all the windows open (it's already quite warm and humid here!) and Chad is outside with the rented stump grinder. No lie. The neighbors and Chad (notice I am not including myself here!) decided to rent a stump grinder and take care of some nasty little stumps in both of our yards. I guess they figured - and correctly so - that we both needed it and we might as well share the cost of renting it for the day. So, they are out there grinding themselves silly and sweating all the while. I am cleaning up in the house today - hanging things out on the line to air out, changing sheets, folding laundry, putting up dishes.

Then tonight - drumroll please - I might get to go on a date with my sweetie. Super excited.

Also, please note that I take back all the nasty things I have been saving about the federal government, mainly the IRS. I did not actually think that the government would shut down, mostly because they can not imagine the hell I would have raised had they actually allowed that to happen. Not only would my congressman have gotten an earfull, the entire congress would have. From me. Personally. Anyway, I was freaking out a bit because we had to file out taxes on paper this year, since we bought our house and were waiting for that stimulus business to help us purchase a car. If the IRS had shut down and delayed my gratification, I would not have been happy.Either way, we got our refund yesterday - in what felt like "just in the nick of time".  So, thank you Congress for getting your act together, showing off your muscles, playing around with my heart, and finally coming to some sort of bizarre agreement. ::sarcasam, drip, drip::  Sorry, couldn't help myself.


FFluker said...

I lurve Paula.