The Adventures of Stinky Sweet:

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

these days.

Sorry it’s been a while – life just jumped right back on top of me with barely a weekend in between. We spent half the day Saturday running errands – 45 minute drive one-way to pick up some bee supplies (our bees are too busy!), picking up car things, etc. – and then the second half was mostly spent working at the house. I mowed the front yard (oh yes! Push mower all the way…but only because I agreed to do it in my sleep. No lie.), Chad cleaned up and replaced some parts on the tiller (‘twas my grandpa’s – oil hasn’t been changed since he did it. Oh, about 12 years ago probably.) We also got to go on a date – with Miller and Chad M. – does that count? Saw “Adjustment Bureau” at the cheap seats. Worth the $2 each – more of a romantic story than I thought it would be – but interesting and well-done (and Matt Damon just might make my heart go pitter-patter).

Sunday was quite a bit more eventful. We borrowed Chad’s older sister’s truck to take the tiller back to my sister in the ATL. We got most of the way there (read: in downtown Atlanta at the 75/85 split) when a tire blew out. Fabulous. So Chad – the wonderful, manly, brave soul that he is – changed it right there on the side of the interstate with folks flying by at 70 MPH. Speaking of my heart going pitter-patter…I was super nervous for him. We had a nice visit with friends, family, and folks at my sister’s house for Easter once we finally got there (was that us that showed up an hour late? Please forgive!). and a wonderfully uneventful drive back home. Whole weekend gone at that point. All the kitchen cleaning and living room organizing we did on Saturday is pretty much over now…I have big dreams of cleaning up some more tonight. Small group tomorrow night. Work Thursday night. Work all day Saturday at camp. I guess tonight is my chance!

Also, I lost my keys. My car keys and house keys and office keys. I had them Friday when I went to the gym (my little “Get you in the door” scan car is on them) and then I couldn’t find them yesterday. And I got up this morning in a panic and couldn’t find them again. And I forgot to pack breakfast or my lunch because I was looking for my keys, it was hot in our house, and I kept getting more and more cranky. I might have been rude (ok, I was.) to my sweet husband who was trying to help me find my keys. So, publically – I’m sorry! I found them. In my gym bag. At the bottom. After I left the house with the spare keys. And I was late so I didn’t go back in and apologize. And I should have. I didn’t even kiss him goodbye. He will get extras tonight.