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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my grain update.

A short update on the My Grains….

I went to see the neurologist yesterday afternoon and he seems to be under the impression – after poking, pushing on my head, looking deep into my eyeballs with his super bright light, and testing my reflexes and letting me almost kick him in the shin – that I just have migraines. Frankly, it is actually a good diagnosis. It isn’t additional bad news and I already know how to treat and deal with them. So, basically no news is good news. Sparing you the details, he is increasing a medicine I currently take for my head and also gave me some samples of things to take when I get a bad one. Sadly, the bad part about these painful headaches is that a migraine is a diagnosis/a disease, not really a symptom of something else; they also tend to change over time (i.e. more frequent or less, different places, pain feels different, etc) so he believes that this concurrent headache was just an alteration of the original migraine diagnosis. Some people just get them and some people don’t. It is sort of a bummer that I had to go through 4 doctors and a CT scan for them to tell me what my regular doctor said a year ago but no news is good news in this case!

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. I truly feel surrounded and loved!