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Friday, April 1, 2011

the low down.

After a dramatic week of doctors visits, I have seen my fair share of different doctors and sadly, still don't have a resolution but know - in faith - that one is surely coming. In the past week and a half, I have seen my regular doctor, the nurse practitioner at my regular office, seen a general surgeon, been to the eye doctor to have the ole' eyeballs checked out, and finished up the week with a CT scan this morning. It has been a long week full of co-pays and questions and poking and squeezing and a few understandable tears. I have already heard back from my CT scan this A.M. and it came back "normal" so that is fabulous, wonderful good news - and always what you want to hear, that there isn't something funky going on in your head. However, frankly it does not help with a diagnosis of the 11 day headache so while I am immensely thankful for a "clean bill of health" on the head scan, I really need some answers. I have an appointment with the neurologist on April 11st (unless I can convince them to squeeze me in sooner for a cancellation) so that is my next best option for results. Please continue to pray that he will be patient and have abounding wisdom for treating what is going on in my head! Best news I've gotten all week?? I have 20/25 vision and don't need glasses - not even really for reading - I just have dry eyes and it might help my head to keep them moist! woohoo!