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Thursday, April 21, 2011


 Since my mom loves a good gargoyle, I thought I would start out with such...I took lots of pictures of those while at the Biltmore. She will probably see them in her Christmas calendar. And by the way, you are not supposed to take pictures inside the house. And I took this one out a window on the 3rd floor. Does that count?
 Love him! 

 They had this long walkway that was covered with an arbor and had tons of wisteria vines growing on it. Smelled delicious and looked amazing!

 This is around 1/8th of the tulips we saw that day...they were in glorious full bloom. Totally worth the trip! The roses will be coming on next and would be worth another trip, in my opinion!

 F & F - payback for hacking my blog. Though this is actually a good picture (minus the stranger in the background) so I guess it isn't paying much back after all.

 They had flowers planted in the neatest places - bicycles, suitcases, etc. Inspired me to bring in the trash to my back yard and flower beds!
Chinese lantern flowers or something. I need these in my yard. NEED

 I was also in orchid heaven. An entire green house area dedicated to pots and pots and pots of orchids. Beautiful!
Loved the trip with my family. It was fun to get away and see pretty things...

Gotta go eat dinner and make cupcakes. Maybe I can load more pictures while they cool, per the original plan.