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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It has been a nice two days at work. Yesterday was long and tiring - but capped off with a recruitment of 65 girls and 45 adults. Crazy. Chaos. And awesome!
Today I didn't have to visit the first school or print the first flyer. I spend most of the day at my desk, returning phone calls, processing registrations (did I mention that there were 65 girls and 45 adults at my recruitment JUST last night...not to mention all the others I have done?). And hopefully tomorrow will be more of the same. I have a staff meeting in the morning and then a service unit meeting tomorrow night but there will hopefully be some much needed paperwork time tomorrow as well.
Tonight, at our small group, one of our leaders said something about travelling with AIM (the organization I went to India with). I discovered that he and his wife worked for AIM for a while and another couple lived in South Africa with AIM for a while serving with their teams there. They know one of the guys that was one of my team leaders and knew a lot of the staff that worked my training camp. It really isn't THAT small a world - and I knew this leader/friend of mine was from Chattanooga (and also lived with my Chad's best friend Chad for a while)...but really, it is weird! Wait...are you totally confused yet? Awesome! Anyway, it is sorta cool for me. I think Chad just feels like it is another way that he is excluded from that part of my life by not knowing any of those people so I am trying to explain people to him as they come up. It is almost like it is more confirmation that India was an important, huge, God-led part of my life (not that I had any doubts - but confirmation is always nice) and now it is coming around again that God leads people in all kinds of crazy directions but always leads us "home".