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Saturday, September 4, 2010

our evening.

I had the honor of taking engagement pictures for a friend from work...C and N got engaged just over a week ago when they went to her hometown for a visit. These are just a couple of the pictures we took - straight out of the camera with no editing (though many of them need it, due to an inexperienced photographer!) I am as crazy about photography as Dani and I wish I were as good as Lindsey but I guess everyone has to start somewhere right??

This one is probably one of my favorites...I like that you can definately tell they live in Chattanooga...


Cassie said...


These are AMAZING-I am so impressed!
We are blown away by your talent and I cannot thank you enough for doing this for me and taking so much time out of your day to make me feel special. I love you and Chad so much!

You continue to rock my world... <3

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! Keep on taking them cause you do great work !!