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Saturday, September 11, 2010


We are hitting the Hiwassee River today folks...for a leisurely stroll down the water. This isn't anything like the last white water experience...also with no pictures. Sorry. Camera is NOT going on the river.
I think you can actually go tubing on this river it is so leisurely but they literally do not release enough water to be able to do that after Labor Day. So, we shall take something you can paddle so we move a little faster. Haven't decided what yet - canoe, inflatable kayak? We shall see. However, my mom is coming up to go with us today so I am pretty excited. The water will probably be heckuva cold but I get to see my mom so all is well!
We met friends for dinner last night - my old friend (old as in have known him for a while, not as in HE is old!) G from Girl Scout camp back in the day and his cute new fiance K. We had fun just swapping stories, hanging out, ate good food at the Terminal, and then saw a free concert in the park - Katie Herzig? She was actually really good - I am glad they convinced us to go! She was folky (word?) catchy, cute words, great all around!
Headed out to put on the sunscreen...I just know I will get toasted otherwise.


Danielle said...

folky is totally a word.