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Saturday, January 24, 2015

First twin quilt!

Since I started quilting - just a mere few months and 1 quilt ago - I wanted to make two twin sized quilts to replace the ones that cover the two twin beds in one of our guest rooms. I've had the same store-bought, "bed in a bag" quilts on them since probably middle school and hated them for years....but never took the time to find something else. And now, I've realized that I can do it for myself and they can be loud and bright and fun and not match anything else and eclectic and just perfect. So I quilted!
Thanks Mom for being my quilt holder in the sunshine today. And you are welcome for the gratuitous shadow shot. Figures. 
Fabric is Miss Kate by Moda and Moda solids as well.  

Straight line quilting through the stripes them free motion quilting on the wide border. There are some places on the back where the backing fabric got gathered a little but for my first time making a quilt this size and first time using FMQ, I am pretty darn proud of this thing and prepared to overlook all the imperfections!

I also hand made the binding and sewed it on by hand. A labor of love for sure but I'm super pleased with the results. 

And finally, when I got into quilting thanks to Danielle, I remembered that lots of my grandmothers quilted. I called my mom and asked her if she had quilts that they made and she passed me FOUR! Two twin sized quilts and two king sized quilts including the double wedding ring pattern on top. The two on top were made by my Grandma Sanders (dad's mom) and the two on the bottom of this stack were made by my Great Grandmother Benson (Granny B - my mom's grandmother). I'm so thankful to have them. I'll probably display more than use them because they are OLD and weathered a bit but I am so happy to have them now!


Danielle Snider said...

LOVEEEEE---- and so impressed