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Friday, January 9, 2015

Only for mom.

My mother doesn't use social media. None of it. Well, unless blogging counts as social media (I guess it does) and I got her hooked on that a few years ago. She's now far surpassed the total number of blog posts on her blog that I have around here so congrats Mom. Anyhow, since she doesn't have social media, doesn't troll my Etsy store, and doesn't text - I know, I know - I thought I should post pictures of recent art postings so she can keep up. So, pretty much, this post is only for my mom. Apologies for folks that have seen these other times - elsewhere.

I have a couple more to post but they weren't dry enough last night when I took pictures to peel off the relief liquid. 

I'd take custom orders - or at least consider if I am able to do them - if anyone is interested. Just use the Etsy page contact info. (Link above). 


FFluker said...

thanks. those resist watercolors are so sweet, it makes me weepy.