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Monday, January 5, 2015

Handmade + Christmas + Quilting

I made a depressingly small number of handmade gifts this Christmas and I am determined to do better next year. I know some people don't "get" or appreciate handmade gifts but I personally know how much time, effort, and heart each one takes so I will continue to give them!

Entertainingly enough, the thing I think I like the best is this big spaghetti plate that I painted for myself. Our staff got to go to one of those paint your own pottery places as a staff appreciation day and I picked out this plate. After scouring Pinterest for something that I could easily replicate, I picked this dotted paisley idea and I am pretty proud of the way it turned out!

This is technically not handmade - or even a gift - but it is always a gift to myself when I decorate the front porch. I always love the house being decorated for Christmas because it looks so festive and loved. And of course, the guard corgi doesn't hurt either. I'm committing to making my house be a place that I love in the new year - instead of tolerating the mess or leaving projects half finished. Stay tuned for updates there...

This is a possibly too short but awesome none the less sleeve I made for my sister's glass french coffee press. I just measured it while at her house before Christmas and made this from estimates. I will try to make her another one that fits a little better soon but I loved the fabric!

I also made her some placemats that I am pretty proud of even though they were my first try. I forgot to snap a picture so I've requested one from her. I'll put it in here once she sends it.

I volunteered to make a friend at work some placemats when she was bemoaning that she couldn't find any Christmas ones that she loved. I actually used a pattern for these so they turned out pretty good though I obviously have the final pictures on my regular camera, not my phone so they aren't here either. The upper pictures is the back - I wanted them to be "every day" use so I used some fabrics to match her house.

This is the Christmas side of the placemats and I love them. So bright and fun. I made a set of four and even taught myself how to hand stitch the binding on the back so they look really awesome and finished. 

Chad got a couple of handmade mugs from me, though not made by me. I've broken a couple of his over the last few years so bought some replacements. If we had a cabinet full of mismatched pottery mugs, I'd be a happy girl. One is from an art student at Covenant and the other was from a little lady at his parent's church. I love them both and I'll take a picture to add later. :) I know - worst blogger in history. 

I've been working on two different quilts - for us! - since I'm not quite ready to make one to give away yet. I've been aching to replace the two quilts/coverlets on the twin beds in one of our guest rooms. Eventually - not an announcement of ANY kind - this room will become a kids room and we'll stack the beds back into bunk beds to make room for a crib/rocking chair, etc. I wanted to make quilts that were we a little more "youthful" without being too kiddie so that room can be used lots - if we never have kids too.
These two pictures are some of the half square triangles that I'm using to make one quilt. The fabric is called "Forest Friends" and it is by Moda. There are lots of foxes, rabbits, bears, skunks, cute little mushrooms, leaves and trees involved. Lots of sewing, cutting, and ironing too. This is one stack of 84 squares and the twin size will require nearly 5 stacks. Sigh. Work in progress - maybe this is why i didn't make many homemade gifts? I've had quilting on the brain instead. 

This quilt I am pretty excited about because it is a little more simple and feminine. Chad doesn't like that it is "random" like the last strippy quilt I made but I love it. I've since added a wide pink border to make it a twin size and I purchased the fabric for backing and making the binding yesterday. Making your own binding is also a pain but it opens up a whole different world of binding colors and patterns and will totally be worth it. This is the "Miss Kate" fabric by Moda as well. 


FFluker said...

what a smart person you are. I am so impressed... really amazing, but not quite envious enough for me to actually start sewing myself...