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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#irwinbuns update - 2 weeks old!

Yesterday the #irwinbuns turned 2 weeks old. This first picture is a perfect representation of what is going on right now. Lots of sleeping and lots of moving. Sometimes they even accidentally jump themselves out of the nesting box and need a rescue.
Top right of this picture - we have two that look like they will have a lot more grey on them. 

You can see in this picture that there are two little grey buns but mostly it is just a pile of white wiggly goodness. 

And this is a perfect example of snuggling a new-ish bunny. They get sort of panicky when you pick them up and then I guess they get exhausted and fall asleep in your hands - which is pretty darn cute. We've handled them some to just get them used to us but starting next week (once they are 3 weeks old) to get them really used to being held so that they will make good pets! And - please let the weather support this - they can move outside too! :)