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Saturday, July 31, 2010

oh my. 600.

This is my 600th post.
I can't believe that I still come up with things to say.
Oh wait...what am I talking about? I could talk about anything!
It is going to be so fun to look back on this in many years and be able to see what was going on in my daily life via this weird little online journal. So, in reality, this is as much for me and posterity as it is for you.

Chad and I got up this morning and went to water the community garden before it got too hot. It is still pretty overcast so maybe we will continue to have a not-so-unbearably hot day today. We have plans to do some things around the house. I am headed to the grocery store in a few minutes, Chad went on his run (he is training for another race - not sure which yet), then I am going to spend some serious time cooking and cleaning up the house today. It still seems like we aren't even fully moved in....there are still boxes full of stuff that I don't know what to do with, furniture in weird places, and just general mess everywhere. I can't wait to get it all situated so that I feel like I can actually invite people over!

Looking forward to spending some time at home today and tomorrow. I have to go to a work planning lunch tomorrow with one of my service units but hopefully it won't last too long...


Danielle said...

i do this as a journal for myself also... im just waiting for someone to make an app or an option to "make your blog a book" and allow the writer to just have a book. simply for themselves. everything they wrote in their blog... in book form. wouldnt that be cool. one day im sure. and ill pay lots to have one made.