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Thursday, July 22, 2010

blogger is not making me happy.

If I could upload pictures (Dani - I'm feeling ya'!), I would show you our beautiful, wonderful, clean new windows in our house! Great energy use update that really just updated the entire look of our house. They are so open, wide and clean looking. We went with windows that slide sideways in our living room, dining room and kitchen instead of the traditional double hung (slide up and down) windows. It means that they are more open looking - without that bar across the middle. They are just one solid window. They were installed while I was in Knoxville this week and they are lovely - just what I imagined they would be.
Now I have to re-install all of our blinds, rearrange the furniture they moved to get to the windows, and hand curtains back. I know we got a great deal on fabulous windows but couldn't they have put our furniture back where it came from (there is literally a chair sitting on our guest bed. On. The. Bed. Whoa.)
Maybe soon I can show you pictures...