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Friday, July 23, 2010

the basics.

It looks like blogger might be fixing itself so my oh-so-cute background might be back...

These are the window pictures...yes, one before and after set is all I can bear to load with blogger being as slow as it is.
This is our dining room window - looks our into the backyard.
Not too bad before (plus a little Wooby):

And After:

Much bigger looking and open - without the bars/panes.
Sorry about the picture quality - it is dark outside!
I love them.
Our front window is similiar with one large window in the center and two that slide in on either side. We did these sideways sliders in the dining room, kitchen and in the big window in our office/craft room because they look like they don't obstruct the view. The rest of the windows in the house are double hung - or slide up and down for those of you (like me!) that didn't know what that meant before this process started!
We used Window World - a national chain but each store is owned locally so I feel a little better about it. I am very pleased with the results and I have been pleased with their customer service and question answering and promptness.
However - and it is a big one - they left my house a wreck. They "cleaned up" after themselves meaning that they didn't leave glass, plaster, or bits and pieces laying around - for which I am very thankful. They did not put anything else back where it belongs. They took down curtians, blinds, moved furniture, scooted beds, etc and didn't bother to put those things back. After spending a 3 days in a training that based around having fabulous customer service and coming home to the mess in my house I think I am going to write them a letter. It wouldn't have taken them 15 minutes to rehang the blinds that they took down and put the beds back where they belong and it would have sent their customer service through the roof in my book. Going the extra mile is a big deal. A really, really big deal. Fabulous customer service = getting something you didn't expect (in a good way!) Instead, I will always follow my recommendation of them with "...but they will leave your house a mess!"