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Thursday, July 15, 2010

First of all, a little were going to get about 5 times as many pictures (there were some really good ones!!) but Blogger is only letting me load 1 picture at a time - if that many at all - and I just can't sit here for days trying to load pictures.
Ok...enough with that.

As you know, my parents and I went to Biloxi last week. It was the first time that Mom and I had been since Katrina came through on August 29th, 2005 (?).
It was amazing to see how the "lay of the land" had changed since we last saw it...
where there used to be block after block of one and two story row houses there was virtually nothing left.
Nothing except the live oak trees - gnarled, weathered, and still standing strong after all these years.
I think they should be called "live" oaks because they continue to live - storm after storm after storm.
We found this one spot where there was nothing but a few blocks in a row of these beautiful trees (the state tree of Georgia, by the way) and someone had hung a swing. Of course we couldn't resist but to try it out and we did...

One of the most amazing things we saw - an awesome testament to the resilient people who live on the gulf shore - are these carvings. The few live oak trees that just could not weather the storm - most of them directly on the beach in the median of the highway - broke off in the storm. They had a wood carving artist (or a couple) come in and make these broken trees beautiful again - a constant reminder that beauty can come out of bad cirsumstances.

Those are just some of my favorites...there were plenty of them, all along the beachfront stretching to Gulfport.
That's all for now...maybe I can load more pictures later.
Headed to work. I was in a less-than-pleasant meeting until 10:15 last night soI can pretty much bet you that I will be coming straight home and going to bed early tonight...