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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Its what friends are for.

I've been helping my friend K get her house renovated for months now. Mostly painting, hole filling - small jobs really - but honestly just doing what friends do...helping out when needed and since Chad is on 2nd, I have the time at night when I am not working. I keep hoping - for my sake, but definitely not K's - that it takes so long to sell that she will be here for a long time but that isn't fair for her! She really is my closest friend here in Chattanooga and it has taken me a while to build these friendships so I am incredibly sad to face the possibility of her moving in the near future. She will keep her job with the GS so I will get to work with her and see her in Knoxville for meetings every once in a while but it just won't be the same as lunch together every day and having her down the hall, ready for a trouble-shooting chat anytime I need it! Ok, before I get all emotional, I'll move on and pretend it isn't happening.

What I wanted to show you was this cool gift she got me.
It is an Origami Owl necklace - which I hadn't heard of until she got one from her mom. I introduced her to Pandora so I guess this is only fair. It is an awesome little glass "locket" on a long chain that you get to fill with charms that mean something to you. Mine has a charm that looks like a sewing machine (we took a sewing class together back before Christmas), a cat (come on, obvious), an Ixthus fish (great symbol of my sweet faith and my 2nd tattoo), a ring (cause I'm all married and such) and a camera (a hobby that K and I share). It is such a neat, personalizable gift and I am super excited to wear it all the time!


francinasanders said...

I want one! I wish I had a special occasion coming up - my birthday is so far away and we just had Arbor Day. What's next? Mother's Day? I have cats and dogs and chickens and bees! Does that count?

PS: Watch your mailbox.