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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So, my dearest Chad and his friend T got this hare-brained (hardeeharhar) idea that they were going to get rabbits. You see, T is a fairly strict Paleo dieter and thinks that he needs more lean protein in his diet. (So, yes, stop reading now if the idea of eating rabbits that grew up in your backyard grosses you out.)
Chad and T made a deal. T doesn't know much about raising animals, pets, building things, power tools, etc. Chad told him that he would pay for the supplies to make the rabbit hutch if T would purchase and feed the rabbits. They worked on this hutch for a couple of weeks when they would both happen to have time off at the same time of day until it was finally finished last week. After a trip down to a rabbit breeder in GA, 3 little bunnies now live in my backyard under my favorite tree. 2 girls and one boy will be the "breeders" so these won't actually be eaten - which is fine by me. (Let me be clear on one point - this gal has absolutely NO INTENTION of making dinner - or any other meal for that matter - out of these cuties. I don't know what Chad's intentions are but I believe they align with mine. I made him promise, pinky swear, cross his heart and hope to die or stick a needle in his eye that no rabbits would come to their demise in MY backyard. If I ever, ever, ever find a tuft of fur or any remnants of any idea that a bunny died on my property, this whole thing is bust. This way, I can basically pretend that it isn't happening.)
And that is the story of how 3 bunnies - and their future offspring - came to live in my backyard. They are basically identical so I keep threatening to get a washable marker out and put dots on their backs or something so we can tell them apart. As it turns out, one of them doesn't like celery - at all - always leaves it behind so I want to name "it" (because, let's be real - bunny parts are hard to figure out) Celery and give it a green dot. Any name suggestions for the other two?
Sorry for the super blurry bunny on the right.
Do you know that they don't hold still for photos, no matter how hard you try to bribe them with fresh clover plants?


Anonymous said...

Those sweet little pink-eyed bunnies look just like the ones I got for Easter years ago. I have a very clean memory of chasing them all over the neighborhood when they got loose.

francinasanders said...

Are they allowed to snuggle? Did I tell you I have a broody hen? She's sitting on TEN eggs.