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Saturday, April 20, 2013


Today was a really cool day. This morning was our council's Annual Meeting. This is the event that I planned last year as it was a bigger blowout party for our 100th Anniversary. This year, we brought the event back to our three regional areas and held it over out video conferencing system so it would be easier for our members to get to/not as far to travel for most people. Generally, this is just a business meeting with our CEO's annual report and some discussion. This year, a couple of our Board members were being honored with adult awards - nominated by their peers - so our CEO wanted to give them out at this event instead of our other awards events. I am actually the staff liaison for this awards committee so I knew we had a few folks that could receive awards at this event; it is special to receive an award in front of your peers so it was a great time to hand them out.

At the end of the meeting, our CEO gave out the awards and much to my surprise, I received one as well. I know it seems strange since I am basically just "doing my job" but the award I received is a national level award, meaning that it has to be nominated by one of my peers, approved by our awards committee, and then approved by our Board of Directors. I received the Appreciation Pin - which is a GSUSA award and can be worn on your official uniform (doesn't sound like a big deal but it pretty much is!). It is for service in one geographic area of our council, above and beyond expectations. I am very honored; I know what other volunteers and staff have also received this award and I am among dedicated and loyal Girl Scouts. It feels so incredibly good to know that my hard work, long hours, off hour phone calls and emails, and attitude have shown someone (nominators are kept confidential) that I am worthy of this award. I am so honored.


FFluker said...

U R 2 cool! I am delighted to know that other people are discovering that my smart, sweet, hardworking, reliable, dependable, conscientious dedicated girl has turned into a really amazing adult.

Emily Geyer said...

way to go, Paula!!!