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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Photo Dump - Pacific Northwest

Here is a giant photo dump of our trip with a few captions. This is about 1% of the photos I took but since they won't mean as much to you as they do to me, I won't bore you with the 300 of them. :)
These first few are from Vashon Island (Seattle) so they are a little out of order but the rest of them should be in the right order...
I got squirted on by multiple gooey ducks.
If you don't know what these are, click the link. Mike Rowe will explain and it will change your life.
Apparently no walk on the beach at low tide is safe in the PNW.  

The driftwood was mind blowing. And beautiful.

Beach on Vashon Island
We flew over the Rockies and they were amazing. One day we will RV our way out there. Hello bucket list.

In the Columbia River Gorge...

Columbia River Gorge

Proof that we both went on this trip.
Columbia River Gorge
(Chad spent most of the trip with hot tea in his hands. It wasn't all that cold but super windy. And we made a trip to the Stash tea store our first full day in Portland and he enjoyed it the rest of the trip.)

One waterfall in the gorge.

Another waterfall in the gorge.
Further proof that all 3 of us were there.

Everything is wet and mossy.
Literally. Everything.

A little snow in the higher elevations in the gorge.

Where the Pacific Crest Trail crossed the river (across this bridge). We sought this out just for Chad.

Union Station in Portland. Beautiful old train/bus station. We left on the Amtrak from here.

Lighthouse on Vashon Island

More driftwood.

Mt. Rainer. You can see this exact view from Aaron and Sara's porch. Lucky ducks.

People had made little driftwood huts for fun on the beach. Here is Chad - on the phone - trying one out.

Pike's Place and its famous sign.

I wanted ALL of these. Too bad we couldn't really get them home.

More Pike's Place. Colorful fruit and flower stands were just a prevalent as seafood, much to my surprise.

This begins a series of Chihuly glass. This museum was basically at the base of the Space Needle and we decided to spend our money on this instead of the needle. For this not-too-fond-of-heights gal, I think we absolutely made the right choice. This was totally worth every penny.

Chihuly glass

Chihuly glass


There was a whole room full of these glass bowls. They were incredible!

This is a 100 foot long installation in a glass house, made especially for this location.

Outside. Chihuly glass.

Back on Vashon Island. Our last beach stroll for this trip.
This would immediately prior to the aforementioned gooey duck incident.
Finally, one of the things on my list was a trip to the Freemont Troll. Check.