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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pacific Northwest days #3 and #4.

So we left Portland around lunchtime and hopped on the Amtrak headed to Seattle. It was actually a super cool experience and I would recommend it to anyone. We made about 6 stops between Portland and Seattle but each was very short; it took about 4 hours to get there but it went a lot faster than 4 hours on the plane. There was plenty to see and lots of legroom so it was a very pleasant 4 hours. Chad had run in a little deli before we got on the train and purchased some sandwiches so we had lunch and drinks and just hung out.
We arrived at the Amtrak station in Seattle and easily located our next destination of the ferry dock with a little friendly help from an Amtrak employee. We walked about 6 blocks down to the pier and hopped on board the water taxi to Vashon Island. Sara, Aaron's wife (these are family friends), picked us up at the dock and we headed into town for dinner. After a lovely dinner of fish and chips (my 3rd on this trip - and this girl, not ashamed) we came home and headed to bed.
This morning, we got up and dropped Aaron off at work so we could take the car. We left it in the park and ride and took the ferry back into Seattle. We packed our day with lots of fun touristy stuff - fish throwing at Pike's Place followed by a lunch made up of samples and random foods from the vendors there, a trip on the monorail across town to Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located, and a trip through the Chihuly Glass Museum where I kept thinking how much my mom would have loved to be there with us. Another stroll through the Seattle sculpture garden and a walk back to the pier to grab a ferry back to Vashon. We made it back to the island in time to catch Sara coming home from work and to leave Aaron's car for him; about to shower and eat a well deserved pizza and salad dinner. I am tired but super happy; it was an awesome day with my guy just checking stuff out with no schedule or place to be.


FFluker said...

wow. thanks for photos of amazing glass.

Anonymous said...

I am still jealous...24