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Monday, March 18, 2013

Pacific Northwest Day #2

Got in late last night and now I am awake before my traveling companions so I thought I would do a little morning blogging. (Coming to you from my phone again so it will be another short one).
Spent the day yesterday just checking out stuff we have never seen up fairly early (the 3 hour time difference is more challenging than I thought it would be) and had breakfast here at the hotel. I intentionally booked a hotel that had breakfast hoping that it would save us a little time and money each day and so far it has. After breakfast we jumped in the car and headed out to drive through the Columbia River Gorge. It was so beautiful... I still can't get over how green and wet everything is out here when everything back home us so bleak looking still this the of year.
We stopped at one point and did a little hike to a beautiful waterfall and u wish we could have done a little more hiking but we were sort of on a time schedule because we booked a brewery tour at 2pm. We headed back into Portland just in time to catch the tour at the Widmer Bros brewery which was really interesting. I wish they would have let us in more of the building but i can understand why they can't. After that tour, we tried to go to the history museum but they were only open another hour or so and we didn't think we could get our money's worth so we skipped that one. Instead we headed to the International Rose Test Garden and Oregon Holocaust Memorial. The roses were - of course- not in bloom yet but it was still so beautiful. Lots of other things were blooming (mom, wish you were here....the forsythia is in FULL bloom and there are daffodils everywhere!) And it was neat to see the perfectly manicured garden and imagine what it would look like in full bloom. The Holocaust Memorial was sad and beautiful; the wording was well spoken and they had buried dirt and ashes from the 6 main camps under part of the memorial. It was surprisingly moving and i an glad we pulled off to check it out.
After that, we were all tired so we came back to the hotel for a while. It was nice to just crash for a free minutes before heading back into town. We pulled it back together long enough to go to a traditional British pub for dinner and my fish and chips were delicious. We also had warm brie with roasted garlic and wished my sister were here to enjoy it with us because she makes the BEST brie...we crashed hard after dinner (midnight our time, mind you). Waiting for my fools to wake up now so we can go to breakfast. We plan on wandering around downtown for a while this morning before we catch out train around lunchtime to head to Seattle...having a blast!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun on the trip. All is well in Chatt. Stinky and Wooby have adjusted to their temp location, and even made friends with Socks. Wooby and Socks were nose to nose earlier this evening. When you get to Pike's Place market, kiss a fish for me. Watch out for those flying salmon!