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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Foiled plans.

You know that saying about "the best laid plans..."? Well, I could use it to perfection for this weekend.

On the way to work Thursday, the transmission light on my car came on and long story short, I don't think you want to go out of town in a car that might possibly have a transmission problem. I tried to take it to the Honda dealership but they couldn't see me until Saturday morning which sort of would have ruined my weekend travel plans. So, I found another local car shop that works on Hondas a lot - they came recommended by my boss who has a similiar car - who was able to get it in on Friday and get the part to fix it. One crisis averted. (It turned out to be something fairly minor - a sensor went out instead of the entire pressure system. Big sigh of relief.)

I woke up Friday morning, after taking my car to the shop, and saw a message that the reunion was basically being called off. The attendance was so small anyway and one of my besties had to back out because of her family passing around the stomach bug (I think I'll avoid THAT at all costs, thanks!) so our numbers were dwindling fast. I guess it is for the best since my cold would have made travel less fun, I wouldn't want to make my parents sick, and baby lovin' would have to be kept to a minimum (lame!).

Instead, we re-did the plumbing in our master bathroom for the 3rd time yesterday. We've had some issues with reduced water pressure since we started messing with the system. We think we've got it figured out and part of the problem is an old sink fixture that is making us BELIEVE we have bad water pressure. We are finally ready to start putting walls back up now and making some visual progress and I am pretty excited about it.

Chad is working this weekend so I am going to help K at her house some more - painting, cleaning, etc. - trying to get it ready to put on the market. Headed to walk with Uncle J now and lunch with Chad before he has to go to work. I am determined to enjoy a nice weekend at home with a long to-do list even though that wasn't my original plan!