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Friday, April 6, 2012

it IS a Good Friday but an even better Sunday is coming.

Today we remember a very sad Friday that was oh so is a little odd sometimes for me to remember that we are celebrating a death, but celebrate we will. That death - thousands of years ago - was the ultimate sacrifice for a broken and hurting world. And I guess that it isn't really the death that we celebrate singuarlly by itself. It is important that Christ died - because it his death he took on the sins of the world and gave us forgiveness. But More Importantly - this Sunday's celebration that he also conquered death itself and rose.
Rose to life.
Rose to celebrate.
Rose to prove the doubters wrong and the believers right.
I believe in this Risen Savior.

We are going to Atlanta on Sunday after church to celebrate with those we love best that Christ is Risen Indeed. Looking forward to some sweet time together (and a new Easter dress with butterflies).