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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lucky team.

I will be spending the day in Knoxville tomorrow with my team from work learning all about conflict resolution. While it is a skill that I desperately need for professional development (I avoid it at all costs!), I am really not looking forward to it. However, we are having a pot luck lunch and I was in charge of bringing the dessert.

So...I'm bringing this. Peanut Butter Chocolate Heaven (my name...).
I found the recipe via the amazing Pintrest but it is originally from Taste of Home.
It was pretty easy but made lots of dirty dishes - 3 bowls and the blender and food processor. However, just from bowl licking, it was totally worth it.
Lucky gals that I got to stay home all day today. :)


FFluker said...

completely available to help with any leftovers - though from the looks of it, I expect there will be ample offers to help you lick the bowl clean!