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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The down side.

Today was a pretty bad day, not gonna lie.

First thing when I got to work this morning, I was informed that a long-time Girl Scout employee of our council passed away VERY unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. She had been working for our council for 27 years - since she was a teenager! - and was healthy the last time I saw her on Friday morning (over our video conferencing system - she worked in our Johnson City office). Without going into details, this hit me really hard.

It is very possible that the large event that I have spent 4 months planning - that should take place this Saturday - will be postponed. I understand if that needs to happen. We would like to celebrate our volunteers in an appropriate way but we also need to celebrate the life of this amazing person with her family as well. I have really mixed emotions about it all...

I'm exahusted, physically and emotionally drained. Please say a prayer for her family - she has children, the youngest being in high school - and I can't imagine that loss.