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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Niagara Falls - Canada and New York!

My sister got married! We are on the NY side, next to the American falls and looking across the river at the Canadian side.

I like this because you can see the back of my sister's dress - not to mention the photographer that caught herself in the mirror.

We went to Niagara on the Lake afterwards and had lunch at a little pub and desserts at a fabulous bakery. Isn't she cute?

Frannie, my sister, and I braved cold temperatures and I braved the heights to be able to see the falls lit up at night. It was totally worth it...the view from the top was spectacular!

The newlyweds in the scary ferris wheel!

Greetings from the top of Niagara Falls!

It was a quick but fun trip. Mom and I enjoyed spening some time together - we tend to giggle a lot when we hang out and this trip was no exception. I took tons of pictures - some great, some ehh....

We had REALLY bad weather pass through here yesterday but I seriously lucked out with it. We landed in good weather in Atlanta and ate some dinner before I hauled it back to Chattanooga in between waves of the storm. I lucked out and got all the way to the Tennessee state line before it even started raining on me and got all the way home before any worse weather decended. There were tornados and some terrible damage in areas around town but we were blessed to not have any damage.

So, congrats to my sister and Frannie. Thanks for letting me join you on the beginning of your true adventure together!


BParrish said...

I love her dress too! It looked kind of Jane Austin era. You did capture some good shots.