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Sunday, February 26, 2012

She's Getting Married.

I am headed to New York on Wednesday for my sister's wedding. She is marrying her long-time girlfriend F in a super small ceremony - fingers crossed and weather permitting - at Niagara Falls. (However, I just checked the weather - we're expecting snow...brrrr....I'm cold already!). I told her when she called me last week and told me that they were getting married in New York that I don't think I actually own enough clothes to be warm in New York in February so I will take as many layers as I possibly can and cross my fingers and just forget about trying to look cute for the wedding. Not happening.

They have been talking about this for a while and I am thankful that my sister found someone who makes her happy. My sister is one of the most creative, generous, bold, intelligent people that I know. F is kind, giving, caring, funny, and smart.

I am going as a sister, friend, and support system...and apparently the official photographer, though I thinuk that is the role I am least qualified for! I've never been to New York state, never seen Niagara Falls and also never been to Canada (where our hotel is actually located) so this should be an adventure. Hopefully there are many pictures and stories to come...


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