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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a sweet face. and some juice.

Chad and I just got back from the hospital where we got to meet the newest member of our small group family who has a perfect chin, a button nost, teeny tiny fingers and the most adorable dusting of dark hair on top. Emily and David had their sweet baby boy today and he really was super cute and perfect looking. I can't wait to be a part of his life as he grows up and as his parents teach him to love God and love people like they do. It's gonna be great!

On another - possibly much less exciting note - our Valentine's Day was quiet, sweet, and together...just the way I like it. We ate Chick-fil-a (don't hate. It is exactly what we wanted!) with every child-filled family in Chattanooga, stopped by Hobby Lobby, and came home to watch NCIS. We are exciting folks! Either way, my sweetie ordered me a juicer for Valentine's Day (really for life...I think he just says it is for Valentine's Day) and I am really looking forward to buying juicy fruits and veggies in bulk and upping my nutritious intake in the future. I am even thinking about doing a few days of a juice fast of sorts...I'll let you know if that happens and how it goes! I'm sure you will be interested...


Emily Geyer said...

Somehow I'm just now seeing this post... Love!!