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Monday, February 6, 2012

livin' for the weekends!

We have lots of fun weekends coming up and I am pretty excited. This weekend, my sister, F and A, my - let's call her my cousin for simplicity's sake - are coming up to visit. We had planned a visit back in the fall and it just didn't work out so we rescheduled for this weekend. It's been a while since my sis and F were able to come up and I am glad they are bringing more fun with them too! We don't really have much planned - lunch out in a Chattanooga joint (suggestions welcome!) and then a hike or touristy activity and then dinner cooked at our house by the chef and me!

Next weekend, Chad has a 1/2 marathon at Berry College. I am looking forward to seeing the campus - its been a few years since I was there last for the wedding of a good high school friend. I think a half marathon is a good length - difficult and challenging without being too hard on his body and leaving me with 4 hours to entertain myself and worry! I think my mom is going to try to come up that weekend too so it will be fun to have a cheering squad to attend the race with me. It is more fun than standing there alone for hours.

Finally, the last weekend of the month my bff is coming to town! We don't really have anything planned either, just general hanging out and enjoying each others company. I haven't had much time with her recently and that time is so valuable!

Lots of visiting company this month that I am very much looking forward to!