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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crafty McCrafterson.

My friend K and I took the day off today to finish/work on some of our Christmas crafts and projects. We both had some personal time at work that we had to use or lose by the end of the year so we used it!

We ran some errands to finish up some of my shopping and then crafted ourselves silly the rest of the day. I've taken lots of pictures but some I can't post until after our office Christmas party because I'm not entirely sure that no one from my office reads this (though I acknowledge that it is highly unlikely).  However, folks from Chad's work read it so I guess you never know...

Sorry for the blown out flash pictures...I'll do better next time. Promise.
I am about 123% sure that K's family doesn't read my blog so it is totally safe to post what she did for her cute gifts this year. They do a set money amount for gifts so she put that money on a a money tree! How cute is that? Instead of buying people things they don't really want or need - who doesn't love to just get original, green moola?!

I had to go to a Girl Scout ornament exchange tonight and frankly, I totally had the best one there! This is a Pintrest idea that originally used a wedding invite and cut it into strips. I wrote the Girl Scout Promise and Law on green cardstock using a silver Sharpie and cut it into strips about a quarter of an inch wide. I then curled them around a pencil to get the corkscrew shape and stuck them in a glass ornament. I painted the "gs" in black glitter paint so it adds just a little sparkle! I added the big red bow and tag that reads "I contain the words to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Happy 100th Anniversary Girl Scouts!"

I'm pretty proud of our craft day and I can't wait to show you all the other cute things we made!