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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Saturn Vue

Ok, folks - I would really like to sell my 2003 Saturn Vue.  Any takers??
Here are the details:
2003 Saturn Vue AWD
4 cyl. (means it gets pretty decent gas mileage for a SUV - 18 city and 24 hwy)
we are asking $5,500 for it but we would negotiate a bit if necessary.

NEW TIRES (Hankook brand - approx $700 value)
NEW A/C compressor (recently installed - $700 value)

Interior and exterior are actually in really good condition - just minor wear and tear that is expected.
CD/FM/AM stereo - all speakers are working

Let me know if you need more info! 
Have a friend that might want to buy it?  Just let me know!