The Adventures of Stinky Sweet:

Sometimes stinky. Sometimes sweet. But it's our life - and it is always good.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

oh life.

We had the most non-eventful, sweet small group on Wednesday night. We got to finally meet sweet baby Ella (photos of her cuteness can be found there on Emily's blog) and she is absolute perfection. Don't worry - no baby jealous here. I still like 'em best when you can love on them and then give them back!  There weren't many of us and we were happy to just hang out together and chat. Don't really know how Chad feels about nights like that but I love them - times when we can just all sit around and laugh and hang out. Frankly, it is better than the super goofy and only partly-enjoyed or accurate video series we have been watching (come on folks, you know you ALL feel like I do!!)

Biggest news on the homefront is that Chad got called out this morning to head to a fire in North Carolina for the next 16 days. Yep. 2 weeks. It will be the longest time we have been apart since we got married close to 3 years ago. Amazing huh? A week is as much as we have managed so far so it should be interesting. We had some travel plans in that time that will have to get put on hold but I am going to Columbus for a bit so at least I won't be alone the whole time. For any potential stalkers out there, I have a FABULOUS neighborhood and even better street full of people who are looking out for me. I'm not worried a bit...oh and a dog that will eat you and an alarm system that is stellar.  I'm gonna miss him tons - and of course worry about him even more - so please do me a favor and add him to your prayer list just a bit more these next two weeks. He leaves super early tomorrow morning to travel to NC and will either come back when the fire gets put out or 16 days from now, which ever comes first.  In all his amazingness, he got off work early today to prepare and he's done dishes, cleaned up the laundry room, done a load of laundry, put away beer making supplies, and is changing the oil in my car.  He is so incredible.

p.s. I tye-dyed at day camp with the kiddos today. My hands are blue.